Rocket and Bitey


Great Chinchilla Pictures on the Web

We enjoy surfing the Web to find great pictures of cute chinchillas. It is always a joy to find a chinchilla lover's Web site with high-quality pictures of ultra-cute chinchillas. Here are popup-free links to some of our favorite chinchilla galleries on the Web, along with the dates on which we added the galleries to the list. F denotes one of our favorite pictures from the site.

04/27/2001 Chin City Residents
F04/14/2001 Pet of the Day

Central Mountain Chinchillas
F04/14/2001 Dragonfly's Chinchilla Page FAV
F04/14/2001 California Chinchillin
F04/08/2001 Pompom and Gorda's Pictures

04/08/2001 ChinBin's ChinPics

Pictures of our Chinchillas


Rocket in the "Chinchilla Townhouse"


Bitey Sleeping
funny picture of Bitey scratching himself (177K)


Chinchilla Movies

"Run Rocket!" 1.66MB MPG 352x240 9 seconds w/sound
"Rocket Meets Bitey" 2.56MB MPG 320x240 no sound

Chinchilla Links

Etc. Chinchilla Page
California Chins
(Lani Ritchey of California Chins helped us adopt Rocket and Bitey)